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Meg Chan Feitelberg, CPA
(310) 838-7227
2566 Overland Avenue Suite 600
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Feitelberg & Company has been providing tax and accounting services since 1991.

Peter H. Feitelberg, CPA, is the managing partner.  Peter specializes in domestic and international taxation for small to mid-size corporations and on individual taxation.  Peter previously worked for KPMG, Kenneth Leventhal and Security Pacific Bank prior to starting his own practice. Peter is a graduate of the University of Cape Town in South Africa where he grew up.

Meg Chan Feitelberg, CPA is a partner and specializes in reviews and compilations.  Meg got her audit training with Deloitte and then worked in private industry.  Meg is a graduate of Stanford University in Stanford, California where she earned her BA in Economics.

Feitelberg & Company currently has 3 tax specialists and 2 bookkeepers on staff. Our staff have been with us for nearing 10 years on average.

We pride ourselves in providing top notch service to our clients for a reasonable price.  We are loyal to our clients and our clients are loyal to us.

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