Stanford Professional Women of Los Angeles

Fellowship Recipient: Ginger Gramson ’20

Dear SPWLA Community,

This summer, I had the amazing opportunity to work with Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, which has been a dream of mine since high school. I learned about the intersection of healthcare, politics, and community organizing as an intern in their Patient Services department. I couldn’t be more grateful for SPWLA’s generous support in pursuing this incredible learning opportunity.

As a senior studying Human Biology with plans to attend medical school, it was enriching to learn about healthcare from the perspective of a nonprofit such as Planned Parenthood. My main project was updating and consolidating Planned Parenthood Los Angeles’ massive list of community resources and referrals, which are recommended to patients based on their individual needs. The previous list of resources hadn’t been reviewed since 2012, so some centers were closed, relocated, or providing different services. As such, I worked for weeks to consolidate hundreds of pages of resources into 19 different spreadsheets (one for each health center) that included information such as contact, location, services provided, and insurances accepted. Working through this project, it was inspiring to learn about the multitude of community resources and nonprofits providing support for vulnerable populations across Los Angeles. I hope that my work in reviewing this list will be helpful in connecting patients to the resources they need.

I learned a lot throughout the summer, but one of my biggest takeaways is certainly a deep respect for how essential administration, fundraising, marketing, scheduling, training, and other “behind-the-scenes” work is to keep a health center’s doors open. Although I primarily worked in Patient Services, I also worked on a few projects with the scheduling and training departments. My experience with the other departments was extremely valuable, as it gave me a sense of the vast number of small pieces that have to come together to keep Planned Parenthood functioning. As someone who aspires to be a doctor, I hope to hold onto this sense of gratitude and respect in the future for all of the nurses, technicians, administrative workers, custodial workers, etc, who make the work I do possible.

As a student from a single-parent family, paying my way through school, I am extremely thankful for SPWLA’s generous support of my summer internship. I am very grateful to have had the experience of working to support underserved patient populations, and this wouldn’t have been possible without SPWLA. It was very inspiring to meet such a supportive community of alumnae, and I hope to connect with you all again if I am in Los Angeles in the future.

Ginger L. Gramson ’20


A Message from the SPWLA Board

Please give generously to our SPWLA Fellowship Fund. Each year, SPWLA funds one or more Stanford women who apply for the fellowship, enabling our fellows to spend the summer working in the non-profit world. We are pleased to be able to help talented young women explore their professional interests while they are still in school. These internships reap important dividends in many different ways – both in the lives of the interns and in the Los Angeles community.

If you contribute $50 or more, you will be invited to our summer luncheon where we meet our new fellowship recipient (or recipients if we are able to fund more than one internship) and learn how the internship is progressing. All contributions are appreciated. It takes $1,500 to fund just one fellowship, so we appreciate your generosity. Please make a donation by contacting us at or Venmo us at