Stanford Professional Women of Los Angeles

Member Profile: Meg Feitelberg ’85

By Trisha Manaka MA ’10

Meg became interested in her industry as a high school student when she took an accounting class and loved it. At Stanford, she considered a pre-med degree and industrial engineering, but ultimately decided to major in economics. She says, “I enjoyed the business aspect of economics and at the time, economics was the most popular major at Stanford.”

After graduating from Stanford, Meg worked in the public accounting world by joining Touche Ross (which later became Deloitte), a multinational accounting firm. She became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and rose to a managerial position at Touche, but desiring more free time, she decided to transition and work as a controller in the private sector. She says, “I learned a lot from auditing various types of companies over 5 years, but the hands-on learning that I got as a controller was more interesting compared to the work of doing auditing day-to-day.” In addition, she made connections in different industries, such as real estate and banking. She says, “I got to know what makes people passionate about what they do.”  After having her third child, she decided to leave the real estate/banking company to join her husband in his CPA practice.  This led to an opportunity to establish a garment manufacturing company, which lasted for 11 years until 2017. She gained additional skills in managing employees and building relationships with customers. She says, “The garment business is a tough business. It’s difficult to manage and stressful at times but in years when the business was doing well, it was very rewarding financially.”

Currently, Meg manages the family real estate business and works as a CPA with her husband who is also a CPA. She says, “It gives me more flexibility.” In addition, Meg is a new board member of the Jewish Free Loan Association, which is a nonprofit in Los Angeles that offers interest-free loans to families in need of financial assistance but are not able to do so through traditional means. She says, “It’s a way for me to give back to the community.” Moreover, her expertise in accounting was sought by the Jewish Free Loan Association’s Executive Director, who was making changes to diversify its board.

Meg Chan Feitelberg ’85 is a CPA and partner at Feitelberg and Company. She has been in accounting for over 30 years. She has three grown children and enjoys relaxing with her dog, oil painting and reading.