Stanford Professional Women of Los Angeles

2015 Fellowship Recipient: Nicole Syder ’16

IMG_0224Nicole Syder, SPWLA’s 2015 fellowship recipient, is currently a senior at Stanford University majoring in Human Biology with a concentration in The Determinants of Global Public Health.

Last summer, Nicole interned full time with Community Health Councils, Incorporated, a non-profit organization in South Los Angeles. CHC is a community-based organization dedicated to health education and policy advocacy for the South LA community as well as for the greater Los Angeles community. The goal of CHC is to address the needs of underserved and marginalized populations by working to improve policy, environmental conditions, health care access, health care quality, health care coverage, and nutrition for these individuals.

Nicole’s main role during her time with Community Health Councils was to learn all that she could about fully engaging in all aspects of public health as it pertains to marginalized communities, and contribute to action efforts. She worked with the director of Healthcare Systems operations to develop practical as well as policy means by which to address disparities in the immediate South LA community. She also analyzed and collected relevant data, and established correspondence between CHC and nearby clinics.

As a future physician, Nicole is concerned with the difference she can make in the international realm of medicine and health. She wants to use her position as a health provider to enhance the health experience of individuals in the United States and worldwide. After acquiring her MD, Nicole’s ultimate goal is to work for the World Health Organization within its Communicable Diseases and Health Analysis Department.  As she stated in her fellowship application: “I am a staunch advocate for health equity worldwide and I want to dedicate my career to doing what I can, in whatever positions I end up holding, to affect positive change in reducing health disparities.”

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